A Wallflower Girl (princessmu5ic) wrote,
A Wallflower Girl

Not sure yet....

Wow. I still remember my password. Lol. I'm just relaxing at home while I wait for my son, Vincent, to get home from visiting his grandparents and decided that I dearly missed my old friends who felt so much like family to me. Somehow this journal came to mind when I thought of those friends. I may not see them often, sometimes not even once a year, but they are constantly on my mind. Even if our relationships have dissolved, I still couldn't stop loving them. I don't ever find good reasons to hate anyone, because there is no good reason for hating someone. I always hope for wonderful things for all the people I used to know, and those I still kind of know. My heart is full today, which for some strange coincidence, happens to be Valentines day. I don't put much stock in holidays with little significance, but I happen to be in a loving mood.
I am alone here. Normally, Vincent is with me or I am cleaning, or Isaiah gets home and all thinking stops. Ha. I never really seem to take time to stop and allow my brain time to wander. I am happy that I have this moment. I love you. All of you that I have known, all of you who have helped shape me into the person that I am today. You will always have my heart.
I miss those days where I had someone to talk to. Thank you for those wonderful memories that warm my heart today. It has given me the strength to live another day, doing the best I can, even if I am only significant in my small family's lives now, and even if I am just a stay at home mom.
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